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January 3, 2019 Comments (0) Views: 124 App Development

CMOLDS—Featuring the Best Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Up and Running

Are you’re on the lookout for a new job? Want to settle abroad? Enhance your communication skills? Or simply want to create and maintain healthy eating habits? And the list for New Year resolutions goes on.

As we are already walking through January, clearly, we don’t want to abandon our New Year’s resolution within a couple of weeks and drift back to the same old routine.

This is where CMOLDS, a mobile app development service in CA, US, discusses some of its best mobile apps specifically aimed at helping users to stay on track with their resolution or endgame for 2019 and beyond.

The 7 best apps for New Year’s resolutions in 2019

News Crunch


“I want to start learning more without spending much time browsing”

Yes, the prospect is quite clear and on the books of CMolds! Realizing that users are rampaging through the web right now, News Crunch is an app that allows the users to enhance their personal knowledge, especially without asking for too much time browsing. Users can now stay informed of the trendiest topics and news ranging from economy to personal lifestyle and everything in between. You will find the information within a few taps or swipes of your finger in the form of visually-rich content. Apparently, the experience won’t be as detailed as watching a proper tutorial or attending a class, but saving time and extending your knowledge horizon at the same time as a great idea for a New Year resolution. You may even find it interesting to explore a further personalized, content-rich app in the name of ThinkEcon.

Bee Present


“Enough with my destructive procrastination and time management habits”

Just how the “Bee Present”, itself stresses on the prospect of staying present and active in the moment, this app comes as a genuine procrastination killer and time management enabler for users desperate to regulate their daily routine and tasks. The personalized features have been added with the idea of helping all those who are failing to meet their deliverables, remember commitments, and want to streamline their professional life into a healthy action.

My Wallet


“I want to centralize all my important information and remain secure from the hassle of carrying everything around”

Again, the app name speaks for itself, My Wallet comes as a lifesaver for individuals all lost in their own pool of personal information. Not to mention their focus getting affected too in the course of trying to keep everything in check. The app is a powerful, reliable organizer allowing users to input their license number, banking, and credit card credentials or any kind of tiny minutiae under a single platform. This will encourage you to walk around confidently without the fear of losing important documents, and also focus on other important tasks in hand, eventually upping your productivity like never before.

Calorie Calculator


“I need to keep my calories in check”

Easily, one of the most common goals that the majority of people set for their next year is to be careful of their food, or more precisely, calorie consumption in check. Calorie Calculator is a powerful, health-based resolution tracker app that allows users to get through a huge database of food information, and learn how to shed those unwanted kilos. The app will record every junk to healthy food intake you have, and provide you a personalized report based on other features including your height, weight, age, type of physical activity you have, and more.



“About time I finally start realizing my self-worth”

Evidently, one of the constant reminders that people need in life is to uplift their confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Empowered, incorporated with quality recording features, encourages the users to create and store their unique mantras and affirmations, quotes or audios that positively influence their cognitive and subconscious wellbeing. The app is a perfect New Year’s resolution reminder, especially for those looking to acquire a genuine aide and convince themselves of their importance and value in existence. This digital friend right in your pocket provides you the liberty to create personalized audio mashups and categorize them as per your need and convenience.

Go Trail


“How about gauging my physical activities and go on to become a fitness freak?”

Another common, yet desperate goal for every year to stay fit and aware of one’s physical state and performance. Go Trail lets you explore the trails of the app through amazing augmented reality features that tempt the users to gauge how well they are performing in hiking, biking, or climbing. The live tracking feature frees the users to set their own routes, trails, and goals accordingly and start their sport with a clear purpose and direction.

Saloon Alfreej

“I won’t compromise with the commitments for the wellness of my beauty and overall looks”

Yes, and that requires you to not only to commit, but also fulfill the obligations for your facial care, and overall beauty and wellness needs. Saloon Alfreej helps you locate the finest hairdressers and beauticians at the first call! Users no more have to browse and scroll through the web, even worse, wander around the neighborhood to find a professional salon. Rather, you can now view and compare a plethora of salons near you and decide to book the one fitting your needs. Saloon Alfreej will even provide you the slots availability, payment options, special offers, and other relevant details to help you find that one-stop shop guaranteeing you a unique beauty experience.

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