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January 7, 2019 Comments (0) Views: 129 App Development

How Powerful an M-Commerce App Could Be for Your Business

M-Commerce? Isn’t it merely a buzzword?

Indeed, skepticism catches a number of people off-guard. They think that M-Commerce is another fad that will wipe out from the market. Before telling you our take on this, we want you to visualize the scenario:

“Walk down the memory lane and recall the time when you used to wait in the long queues of grocery stores and different outlets (hoping not to get fainted). The bleak landscape took the major shift with the arrival of e-commerce. Now people opt for purchasing things from the comfort of their homes rather than welcoming hassle of going to the store and buying things.”

What we told you above wasn’t just a story! The scenario proves that people share a deep love for the word ‘convenience.’ Anything that removes the hassle saves time, and brings ease to them is highly welcomed.

A brief overview of M-Commerce

There is no such rocket science behind M-Commerce. In laymen terms “M-Commerce is the second name for buying things conveniently.” Customers prefer it more to buy goods merely in few taps; whether they’re traveling or enjoying the day at home, they can easily purchase goods using the m-commerce app of stores.

If you talk about the role of m-commerce in business, then we won’t say much. The Statista said it all on our behalf!

In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce

Still, would you say that “M-Commerce” is merely a buzzword or a fad? We reckon the statistics are enough to mold your thought patterns.

Having a mobile commerce app for business is necessary. Little do people are aware, businesses that pay less to no attention to it are playing in the retrograde lane.

If you are aware of how mobile commerce works, you would know about the massive perks of m-commerce apps. Today, we will unfold each layer and will show you a clear picture of how powerful an m-commerce app is for your business.

Seamless shopping experience

People don’t like to be stationary all the time. The convenience of purchasing things within a few taps, no matter whether they are traveling or enjoying the weekend, is something they all look for.

Walk in the shoes of a customer and think, “You come to home after a tiring day’s play, you don’t want to take one more step, but you have to purchase some things. Would you prefer driving all the way to the store? Worst come worst if you get stuck in a never-ending queue, all of your cells will go crazy.”

What will rescue you? An m-commerce app.

The hustle-bustle of today demands smart solutions. An m-commerce app provides a perfect blend of fun and ease. Shoppers can find the things of their choice within no time. M-Commerce apps have responsive interfaces which means that they work well on any screen size.

Talking on the grounds of speed; app runs faster on the smartphones and provides a seamless shopping experience in comparison with an e-commerce website. It was just one of the benefits of m-commerce; there are more in the lane.

It serves as a perfect marketing channels

A lot is left untapped! An m-commerce app can serve as a perfect marketing channel. However, we are talking about something other than traditional marketing campaigns. Think on a deeper level; the option of push notifications that m-commerce apps offer is like no other. You can send the instant messages without looking like a spammer.

Understand a shopper’s mindset; a shopper loves to receive exclusive deals from you; they want to be informed about the new products and discounts. The push notifications join the unbreakable strings of personal communication. Customers get happy having received the direct alerts about different discounted offers and new products.

It reduces the campaign cost

An m-commerce app brings three primary benefits:

  • You reach your customer faster
  • The ease of shopping is undeniable
  • You save a good amount of money

Talking about the third point here; think of the time when you spent a massive chunk of money on email campaigns, but your efforts landed in the ‘Naught Zone.’ You lost the money and the time as well. An m-commerce app saves you from spending on email campaigns and other marketing campaigns.

If you integrate your m-commerce app with the social media, your half of the marketing stress will be eliminated. Customers will do your advocacy; they will become your voice. See it on a broader perspective; you’ll understand that commerce has reduced a hulk of workload.

It boosts your ROI

Ask a business person; you’ll know how soothing it sounds to have a higher ROI.

When a person shops from your store via an app and experiences a flawless journey, do you think that the tale will get stagnant there? No, your customer will tell others about it and will ask to shop via your app.

As a result, word of mouth will bring more customers. Attracting more customers mean that your ROI will soon start talking to the skylines. Remember that it is not merely about the quality of products, you are expected to provide a smooth shopping experience.

The bottom line

In years to come, all those articles that speak in favor of disconnecting with technology will get locked in the dungeon. It is the era of smartphones, today’s statistics tell that there is no turning back.

Mobile shopping will continue to grow. Not having a mobile commerce app for your business is equal to rowing a boat not knowing the direction. In today’s fierce competition, you have to keep your armor with you so that your competitors don’t end up receiving a victory note from the customers.

Write a good future for your business by staying ahead of the competition. Even if your sales are growing today, you still can’t overlook the future practices. Pay attention to the idea of having an m-commerce and fortify your position.

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