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January 22, 2019 Comments (0) Views: 64 App Development, iOS

Top iOS App Development Trends to Run Strong in 2019

Hello Siri!

Apple has come a long way, and it will cover more miles of success with the advancement it brings to its devices and software every year.

The biggest tech giant never misses the mark. In 2018, Apple did some revolutionary changes and left the onlookers in awe.

The year 2018 was full of surprises, what’s next in the lane? Since the app development industry is revolutionizing with every passing nanosecond, one can expect the greatest happenings rolling up in 2019.

Talking about the latest trends in mobile app development specifically in iOS app development, freeze a few minutes and read this blog.

‘Yes, it will take you to the wall of fame.’

We meant to say that knowing about the iOS app development trends 2019 will help you in making it to the wall of fame. Want to know about the iOS app development latest updates? Let’s get started.

iOS App Development Trends

Siri will harness the AI’s power

Siri is going to join the clan of mystics!

Sounds weird, right?

Yes, a massive transformation is around the corner. People called it a game changer when the tech giant Apple introduced Siri. Well, we would say that the game began from there and there are lots of advanced levels to come.

Apple never fails to enthrall developers. With the arrival of the SiriKit, now iOS developers can easily integrate their apps with Siri. The story does not end here; along with the benefits of the lock screen and hands-free use, SiriKit has more to offer.

The AI craze is real! Integrating your app with Siri means that your app will be visible in the shortcut app section. This all makes it easier for a developer to determine the actions their users may be willing to take shortly.

iOS app security

Black sheep spotted!

Yes, Apple will not offer the escape to the newly launched apps. It is next to a nightmare when you lose all of your confidential information, and somebody misuses it. Apple makes sure that it provides maximum security to its users, therefore, it has made App Transport Security (ATS) mandatory for the newfangled apps.

Call it as one of the major iOS application development trends. The new apps are allowed to read and write within the virtual ‘glass case.’ It means that the app cannot access the data that is outside of the glass case; apps are allowed to interact with each other via one channel approved by Apple.

IoT – It’s time to connect

Apple tries to move with the speed of light. It thinks ahead of time that is why it has introduced a remarkably secured IoT ecosystem known as HomeKit. Wondering, why Apple did it? See below

Revealed by Statista,

“For 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide.”

Inevitably IoT has a promising future ahead so does the Apple. The Homekit introduced by Apple has unlocked a Pandora box of opportunities for developers as it will help in connecting with iOS devices easily.

HomeKit apps let users communicate, operate and control all the home automation devices. This all allows a user to discover accessories and configure them. Amid all, the interesting part is that users are allowed to group multiple devices and can manage them with timeless Siri’s help. One can say that it is one of the most appealing iOS app development trends amid all!

Machine learning

Apple has launched a framework known as Core Machine Learning 2 (CoreML2). The framework is not less than a treat for the developers. The framework is powerful enough to make highly responsive and fast apps in comparison with iOS apps.

The framework will undoubtedly outshine the rest in 2019. It is justified to say that CoreML2 has stretched the circle of infinite opportunities for iOS app development.

AR/VR – Your sci-fi dream

What else can be enthralling than experiencing a world of wonders? Nothing can be. Your Sci-fi dream has got the wings of reality. Apple loves to break the boundaries; it always comes up with such advancements that leave people marveling for days.

The talk has gone far with the release of ARKit 2. Now developers are not constrained to developing stand-alone AR apps. ARKit 2 helps them in developing apps that offer communal experience. It means that multiple users can see the same AR environment. That being said, users will be able to see the same AR object from different angles via their devices.

The worth waiting update – Swift 5

Not much time has passed, Swift has already made it to the list of the topmost programming languages. Released in the last year’s WWDC event, it has become the favorite one for the iOS developers.

Currently, around 350,000 apps on the app store are written in Swift. The reason behind its popularity is that the language is easy, it is simple yet highly secure. Now, one can imagine, why developers are waiting anxiously for the 5th version of swift. Sure as shooting, the 5th version will make things easier for the iOS developers.

Apple Pay

Right now, most of the apps present in the app store need payment integration for the purchase of products or services. A perfect mode of payment is there for the iPhone users; it’s the Apple Pay.

Apple Inc. has created this digital wallet, and it is going to change the conventional practices. The best part about Apple pay is that it doesn’t save your debit or credit card details which make it even safer. You can use it for various purpose like, for ordering food, for online shopping, for table reservations and much more.

The bottom line

Change is the only constant thing. That being said, one has to keep the armor and swords ready to stay in the game of fame. This year’s trends have already decided the future of iOS development.

Apple is on the verge of giving a major shift to the current practices. Right now, Apple is more focused on augmented reality, machine learning, and the internet of things.

The iOS app development trends we told you about will help in bringing perfect apps to life. If you have an app already and you think that your existing app doesn’t resonate well the mentioned trends, it is better to upgrade it.

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