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What is the Difference Between Software Developers and Web Developers?



Emma George


October 24, 2022



Who else does not know about software and web development in this digital era of mobile app development? I guess everyone knows. Even though they don’t have a broader or complete knowledge about it, the term itself has been renowned worldwide. Many of us, or even those new to coding, think they are similar things. While these terms refer to related fields of expertise, they are not identical.

In this blog, we’ll go into detail about the contrasts and similarities between the two titles accordingly.

Major Differences between the Software Developer and Web Developer

First, we will discuss the significant dissimilarity to clarify our concept and then discuss it in detail.

  • Software developers are those professionals that build a program that can run on separate computers and mobile devices. In contrast, web developers are IT professionals who do the coding for website and mobile app development.
  • Software developers create a program that can stand alone for PCs and mobile platforms. But web developers look after the framework, server-side functions, API integration, and business logic of any website.
  • Both developers use separate languages to perform their tasks; software developers use C++, Java, and python. At the same time, web developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as their programming languages for web and mobile app development.
  • Applications for software developers are designed to work across various operating systems and platforms. While applications for web or mobile app development companies are built to work across different browsers.
  • To be hosted is not mandatory for software developers, but web applications need to be hosted.
  • In the United States, a software engineer makes an average yearly income of $110,140. In the United States, a web developer makes an average salary of $76,298 yearly.

Who are software developers?

Software developers are those brilliant minds behind all sorts of computer and mobile applications. While some programmers may concentrate on a single app or program, others build vast networks or underlying systems that activate and operate other apps.

Software developers are of two kinds, systems software developers and application software developers.

  • Application software developers:

Software application developers do computer and mobile application design and development with specific functionality.

  • System software developers:

A software developer establishes and implements programs and applications for the back-end processing systems for businesses and organizations.

Who are web developers?

Web developers are IT professionals that create applications and websites. Everything from standard text files to complex data processes is included in web development. The foundation of any website is built by a web developer who works on the logic and data layer. Since their primary goal is to produce clean code, they don’t care about the page’s appearance. The front end will also handle by a web developer, in some cases, who is a full-stack engineer.

Web developers also have two different categories.

  • Front-End Developer

The front-end developers focus on the website’s appearance, including page user access and engagement (also known as the user interface). They employ HTML and JavaScript to improve the website, design the physical layout of each page, and integrate graphics.

  • Back-End Developer

The user-facing portion of a website is made possible by a back-end developer. The utility of whatever the front-end developer creates is increased by back-end programming.

Back-end developers are in charge of building, maintaining, testing, and fixing a website’s complete back end, including databases, data and application integration, APIs, and other back-end operations.

It continuously operates in the background, providing functionality and a desktop-like experience, but the user never sees or interacts with the back end that powers a website. The delivery of data or services required by the front-end system or software is ensured by back-end developers, who play a crucial role in web or mobile application development teams.

Foundation Skills in Both Fields

Both fields rely entirely on the excellence of writing codes, but the difference is as a web developer or software developer only requires some opposed skills and techniques.

A web developer must have excellent expertise in coding languages like advanced JavaScript. To design the fundamental of the websites, they also have sufficient knowledge of Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.

Like the web developer, a software developer should also know the related language that fits their field. (C++, Java, Python). Additionally, to provide the appropriate kind of software that will meet the requirements of their customers, they should have a firm knowledge of the company’s business activities.

Moreover, a software developer must develop solutions that may grow with the business while also boosting its revenues.

Unlike web development, software development requires a broader set of skills, such as DevOps, which combines software operation and development.

Things that make them disparate:

Several things, no matter how minor or extensive, create a difference.

  1. Income & Working flexibility

The income of software developers is higher than web developers. Still, web developers also earn a handsome amount of money due to increased market demand through freelancing, i.e., they can also enjoy the advantage of working remotely for another client while employed at another firm. In contrast, Jobs for software developers are frequently found in large corporations and governmental institutions. They work closely with a group of programmers on their projects. Long days spent on-site with their development team, and business leaders may also be part of their work schedule.

  1. Career Growth

Web developers have career opportunities in user interface design and web and mobile app design development companies. Web developers can progress to more senior positions like Senior Web Developer or Software Engineer as their experience improves.

Despite the similarity of the titles, they serve fundamentally unrelated purposes. Software developers need to be competent in the legal matters of the firm in addition to their coding skills. Also, handling databases may be expected of them.

Per a career which one is best?

 While software developers write more complex programs for computers and mobile devices, web developers concentrate on websites and app development. So if we talk about which is best for starting your career, then here are some points that would help you choose between these two.

  • Because there is always a need for web developers for their services, they make comparable incomes. As a result, acquiring work as a web developer is undoubtedly simpler. They could even work from a remote location, which might even be their house. After completing an online coding course, you could become a web engineer.
  • With their computer science expertise, software engineers have more excellent training. They can get employment in large corporations or governmental institutions.
  • According to the bureau of labor statistics, the growth ratio of web developers is predicted to grow 13% from 2018 to 2028. Web developer typically makes around $76,298 per year. While also having the opportunity to do extra work through freelancing. Sounds cool, right?
  • In contrast, according to projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the software development industry will grow by around 22% by 2030, and in 2020, software developers earned a median salary of $110,140.


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