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Learn How Azure Product Helped To Transform Healthcare Industry



Dougles Brown


September 09, 2022



Multiple healthcare systems provide patients with curative, preventative, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The efficient management of these systems enables healthcare practitioners and administrators to provide high-quality care and treatment to patients.

With Azure cloud and other Microsoft services, it is now possible to build highly efficient and resilient healthcare systems that handle patient-provider interactions and give clinical and data insights, resulting in a patient-centric strategy for the healthcare institution.

Azure Healthcare APIs Safely manage many forms of protected health data, accelerate machine learning, and facilitate the secure exchange of health data over a global infrastructure.

It provides pipelines to enable the scalability of protected health information (PHI) data handling. APIs for health data standards, like Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) and Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine, facilitate quick data exchange and application development (DICOM).

As healthcare evolves, business models should become more consumer-focused. Legacy systems provide rigid processes that cannot expand to meet market or regulatory demands.

Is your organization able to stay up? As healthcare evolves, business models should become more consumer-focused. Legacy systems provide rigid processes that cannot expand to meet market or regulatory demands. Is your organization able to stay up?

IT was initially one of the support services for healthcare app development, and it is now a vital component of the work of healthcare providers. With the introduction of COVID-19, cloud computing in healthcare grew even more.

Innovative healthcare firms are seizing a one-of-a-kind opportunity by investing in technology, such as video consultations and Internet of Things-enabled medical equipment that improve their job’s quality and continuity.

Cloud computing offers several advantages for developing innovative, practical (software) solutions for the healthcare industry.

Using IoT technologies, consider electronic medical records, patient portals, mobile apps, and medical devices. Which increases patient participation, promotes healthy cooperation, and provides clinical and operational insights. While also cutting operating expenses. Win-win.


Azure Microsoft in Healthcare

Today, we take a critical step toward attaining healthcare interoperability. Microsoft is announcing the general availability of Azure Health Data Services.

A platform as a service (PaaS) designed to support Protected Health Information (PHI) in the cloud. Azure Health Data Services is a new way to work with unified data.

It provides your team with a platform to support both transactional and analytical workloads from the same data store. It also enables cloud computing to revolutionize how artificial intelligence is developed and delivered within the healthcare ecosystem.

This is a regular request made to administrators of health data. This type of request may come from physicians, clinical researchers, or data scientists.

In modern systems, it can take days or even months to complete because health systems must query multiple data stores that do not speak the same language, extract the data files, and then work in batches to unify them for the user.

Different forms of health data are stored in siloed formats and databases, such as structured data such as medications and patient characteristics in pharma or EHR databases, CT scans in DICOM format, radiology reports as unstructured text, and medical device data in separate data estate.

By the time all the data has been organized and is ready for use, the information is outdated. With Azure Health Data Service, these requests may be handled in minutes, and the data can be associated with the required locations.

A Holistic and Unified Data of all the Patients

Obtaining a comprehensive image of a patient is essential for providing excellent care. Our expanded unified patient view can show demographic and clinical information across our services.

Through enhanced data visualizations, healthcare teams may discover relevant information faster. We aggregate data sources into pertinent patient insights, allowing doctors to identify therapy gaps based on demographic and clinical patient data. Security roles may also govern access to clinical and non-clinical form information.

The data created by the healthcare industry from a variety of sources, including obsolete systems, is often enormous, unstructured, and unavailable to all stakeholders. The method healthcare organizations acquire, store, interact with, and use data is essential for clinical and operational success.

It offers insights and experiences. As a consequence, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare prioritizes data. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare aids customers in organizing their data using the healthcare data model and Azure Mobile Application Development data services. This enables healthcare organizations to improve their insights notwithstanding the location of their data.

How it is Transforming the Medical Industry

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers trusted and integrated capabilities that deliver automation and efficiency on high-value workflows. Comprehensive data analysis functionality for structured and unstructured data, enabling healthcare organizations to transform insight into action.

This industry-specific, end-to-end cloud solution leverages the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform by including published and developing healthcare features.

It helps customers manage the end-to-end security, compliance, and interoperability of health data. It makes it easier and faster to administer more effective care.

A robust partner ecosystem boosts the platform’s value by delivering new solutions to the healthcare industry’s most urgent problems.

Patients’ need for individualized care continues to grow, and they are aggressively seeking digital health items that allow them to see a physician without leaving their homes.

This evolution of patient-centered care will lead to the proliferation of virtual health and services that offer preventative, ongoing care management and individualized patient programmers to achieve better health and wellness outcomes.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare aids healthcare organizations in integrating secure virtual health capabilities by incorporating workflow-coherent artificial intelligence (AI) health bots and virtual visits into the care journey.

It also expands services to accommodate more patient interactions and new medical specialties.

Observations of Clinical Nature

In the past, the healthcare industry has struggled to use the vast quantities of data it creates effectively. The vast majority of medical data is unstructured and inaccessible for data-driven decision-making. When seeking insights, suppliers devote a tremendous lot of time and energy to data collection and consolidation.

In addition, healthcare organizations face security and regulatory requirements and data breach risks.

Using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, it is possible to create solutions that enhance clinical and operational insights. Because of the rapid nature of medical crises, medical professionals must have immediate access to patient information for emergency use.

With Microsoft 365, medical professionals have access to user-friendly and secure software, and with Microsoft Teams, they have a safe place to communicate with patients and colleagues.


Azure Health Data Services is the first to combine numerous data types in a single data store at the patient level. This enables you to study structured, unstructured, and imaging data simultaneously for a holistic, real-time view within minutes.

With this service, you may search and query your data using a single Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) architecture and quickly connect it to the desired technology.

Whether combining patient data with population health data sets for application development and analytics, visualizing data for operational efficiencies, deploying patient engagement tools for personalized care. Other than that, querying imaging metadata alongside clinical data using this new DICOM cast feature.

Azure Health Data Services enhance your existing systems. In addition, it is built on open standards to ensure compatibility with future improvements and solutions.


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