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Move Your Database Into Cloud With Update OCI Database Migration



Troy Hulbert


September 23, 2022



With the ever-growing data, companies no longer rely on physical ways of storing it. When a company tells you that your data is stored in the cloud, it means that it is stored somewhere on the internet.

The cloud basically refers to software and services that run on the internet instead of your hardware. This is what makes a huge difference; when data is stored on the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any device through the internet.

You can collaborate with your colleagues on the same documents since the data is present on the internet and it is very easy to make changes and fix bugs.

Companies are now building complementary cloud services that help in running applications on the cloud.  One such complementary service was launched in 2016 called Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI.

OCI is a cloud service that enables users to build and run a wide range of applications and services. OCI offers a flexible storage capacity as well as high-performing computing capabilities. With that being said, in spring 2022, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure introduced the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration. This has completely changed the user experience with cloud management.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration provides a high-level performing and self-serving experience to users who aim to migrate their data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The OCI Database Migration provides users with both online and offline data migrations with significantly less downtime. Where online migration means that when the data is being migrated from one storage system to another, applications will not be disrupted and continue working smoothly.

Whereas, offline migration takes place with the help of Oracle Data Pump. When performing offline Migration, OCI exports data from original source database to Object Store, which then imports the data from the Object Store to the target databases using the Oracle Data Pump.

This is how data is transferred from databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while staying offline. The OCI Migration also makes use of Oracle Zero Downtime Migrations as well as Oracle Golden Gate.

What makes Oracle Database Migrations so efficient is the new capabilities that are now present in it. Below listed are some of the new and helpful services that are now included in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration:

  • Simple offline migration with significantly low downtime.
  • Smooth transition from original load to replication.
  • Performs changes on the source database and then replicates it on the targeted database
  • Allows users to terminate on a running migration job rather than waiting for it to complete
  • Lets users resume migration from the last point of failure instead of starting from the beginning
  • Checks prior to the migration of data to avoid any errors
  • Migrates data from on-premises to autonomous, co-managed data warehouse

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration has made data migration a lot easier for users. From making the migration process more efficient and flexible to reducing the cost, being highly scalable, ensuring future safety and clarity, OCI has indeed made things easier for its users



OCI Migration is much more flexible than other services. You can easily migrate your Oracle databases to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from a variety of source databases. This can be done into various cloud distributions depending on your company’s requirements.

If you have well-established tools required for OCI migration, you can choose any method that suits you the best. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration does not restrict its users.

Reducing the Cost

Any company that is looking for data migration aims to use a service that is not just efficient but also cost-effective. The same capabilities that allow users to directly migrate their Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud also find the most cost-effective ways to do it, depending on the purpose and the duration of the migration.

OCI finds neutral, cost-efficient ways even when a database migration requires the purchase of a licensed product. This makes it comparatively the most cost-reducing cloud-based service.

Easily Available and Scalable

In the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, all the tools are tightly and efficiently merged together. This means that users have better control when they move their database to the Oracle Cloud.

Not only this, but the OCI also has tools that are Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) approved as well as use Zero Downtime Migration (DMS) that make sure that data migration is handled as fluently as possible.

Future Safety

A company only becomes better if it invests in itself for the greater good. OCI has over time spent itself for better performance, greater strengths and ultimately the benefit of its customers. This has made Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the choice of many leading businesses that aim to grow and get better in this constantly evolving world of technology.

Since Oracle databases are hassle-free and in line with the most up-to-date platforms in the world, companies can easily migrate their legacy to a safer platform. This encourages growing businesses to join OCI as it promises a safer future in regard to long-term business strategies. Growing companies look for sufficiently low downtime, power to build new apps and the capability to meet quick market changes, which are all provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


The usefulness of any service can be figured out by how clear it is. One major feature that IT officials enjoy is the simplicity of any program. The simplest most efficient way of migration is through migrating your database to laaS solution, ensuring lower costs and better efficiency. Oracle Cloud helps companies migrate data through laaS, completing the process quicker than usual.

The cloud has made data storage an easier and simpler process.  With the amount of bulky data existing today and increasing every day, companies prefer cloud databases. The spring 2022 update of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration now allows quicker migration of company databases to the cloud hence ensuring greater efficiency. If your company is looking toward migrating its databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, then the new update will surely ease your task.


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