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From emerging startups to pre-evolved brands, team CMolds provides complete branding solutions for your business. We understand the importance of a solid brand identity which is why our marketing team works hand in hand with our design team to help you create an impressive corporate identity.


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Developing Ideas, Globally.

We’ve created out of the box ideas for corporations globally to help them stand apart amongst their competition.

Design Ideology

The design ideology depicts your business model and is one of the most important parts in the process of creating your brand identity. We brainstorm business-relative solutions to position your brand perfectly and present it to your targeted audience. After the design ideology is put into place, we use it as the base of your brand identity both online and offline.

Competitive Research

Competitive industry specific research helps us keep your brand identity different from your competitors. Corporations working in the same industry often have countless brand identity conflicts which can often be problematic for both startups and existing corporations. We work hard on your brand identity by keeping it unique and one of a kind.

Brand Audit & Revamp

For existing brands, a bad brand identity can act as a roadblock to potential profits. Customers often tend to choose brands with a solid identity. With our brand audit and revamp services, we help you in re-molding your brand into a new, attractive identity for your clients and customers. With a revamp, your business can easily hook customers that failed to convert previously.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning plays a vital role in creating an excellent impact on your audience. It doesn’t matter how great your brand identity is, if it isn’t perfectly positioned, chances are that it won’t work. One of the main reasons why our clients rate us as a top brand development company is because we aim to position your brand properly.

Our Expertise

We’ve worked with diverse and flexible platforms to bring you the best of our services in Brand Development and Management.

Brand Identity

    Our team of creative thinkers at CMolds bases its success on hard work and a solid brand identity. One of the many reasons why we work strategically in providing you with Brand Identity Solutions for existing corporations or newly formed startups.

Tradeshow Designs

    Our creative graphic designers understand the importance on your business identity which is why we work hard to help you represent it any and every platform. We aim to design concept-based tradeshow booth designs made solely to stun your customers.

Corporate Branding

    For pre-existing corporate brand or emerging brands, a corporate branding existence is very important to succeed. One of the most important assets to your business is your brand synergy which we help in providing you with corporate branding solutions.

Brochures and Catalog

    Even in this digital age, corporate brochures and catalogs play an important role in creating an excellent first impression on your client or customer. Our creative marketing experts and design professionals work hard or creating ROI-centric and beautiful brochures.

Display Advertising

    With our display advertising solutions, we provide efficient online ads that are attractive enough to hook the customers and are targeted enough to raise the bar when it comes to conversions. Our display advertising solutions are suitable for both existing businesses and emerging startups.

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What our valuable clients say

Laura Moulder - Who's My Mutter

"CMOLDS did a fantastic job developing my mobile application. From the beginning it was a daunting task that they took and ran with. The team was there for me through the whole process and provided realistic timelines along the way.

Steve H. Waltman, CEO

"The team at CMOLDS helped me create just the app that i needed. Very cooperative!
The project was delivered right on time."

Brianne Casey - Checked In

"CMOLDS developed my idea for a mobile application (Checked In) into reality. Their developers do more than just build applications, they are active participants in creating the best user experience possible and contribute a lot of creativity to the project"

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