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Our Approach

We, at CMolds, work with an ethical methodology for all of our projects to provide you with the results that you need.
From web development to application development, we follow a specific set of make your ideas come to life.

Purposeful Research

02Wireframing and
Architectural Planning

Our app and web development architects then take over the project for Wireframing. Our team of experienced professionals researches the requirement of the project. Simultaneously working on the architectural plan allows us to lay down the complete architecture of the project; be it an application or a website.

Purposeful Research

04Functional Model Development

When a beautiful User Interface is ready for the perfect User Experience, our development team starts working on the final functional model. This model will turn out to be the initial shape of your project. After blending the functionalities with the user interface, a final functional model will be tested through a defined Quality Assurance method.

Purposeful Research


It’s time to hit the Launch button! When the final functional product successfully passes the Quality Assurance phase, we successfully deploy the project and make it live. We take extra steps to ensure the there’s not a single hitch when your project is ready to satisfy your targeted audience. Our team also loves to stay in touch with the customer to help along the way.

01Idea Analysis

We start your project by discussing the ideas that you’ve put forward for the project. We believe discussing your ideas freely with the team is essential for a new or existing project. Understanding the idea allows our creative team to understand the project in depth. Additionally, it allows us to help streamline the entire project till deployment.

Purposeful Research

03User Interface Design

After the architectural planning for the project is complete, our team of creative designers work on the UI/UX of the website or application. The User Interface is one of the most vital components of your web or app project. The User Interface combined with the User Experience can be the decision maker for the success rate of the application or web project.

Purposeful Research

05Quality Assurance

Hate bugs? We hate them too! After the final functional model is ready, our Quality Assurance team tests all of the features to make sure your project is Bug-Free. The best results can only be achieved when the application, software or website is free from all sorts of functionality errors. After all the errors and bugs are removed, your project will be ready to go live.

Purposeful Research

We shape your dream app into a functional reality

You Dream, We Create. Shaping your ideas on the digital canvas is what we do best.
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What our valuable clients say

Cara White, Partner

"The app idea was very complex but CMOLDS App Development team didn't let that be a problem.
10/10 for the service they provide"

Steve H. Waltman, CEO

"The team at CMOLDS helped me create just the app that i needed. Very cooperative!
The project was delivered right on time."

Ray Sullivan, Head of Operations

"I definitely recommend working with team CMOLDS.
Impressive from the very start till deployment. Kudos"

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