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Molding Creativity onto Interactive Interfaces

We, at CMOLDS, work hard to shape your ideas digitally on interactive interfaces for your audience internationally.

Molding Creativity on to
Interactive Interfaces

We, at CMOLDS, work hard to shape your ideas digitally on interactive interfaces for your audience internationally.


Digitally Crafted Masterpieces For iOS Handhelds and Tablets

Our application development architects specialize in bringing your imagination to life with gorgeously crafted iOS applications. From iPhones to iPads, we provide business driven technical solutions that suit every screen.

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Go Trail Mobile Application


Go Trail is the perfect application for the fitness tracking enthusiasts.The application is a blend of Augmented Reality and fitness tracking.

Research and Analysis

Taking Fitness Tracking To The Next Level

Go Trail’s research and analysis began by blending in traditional fitness tracking with digital augmented reality. Go Trail was introduced to the market with a unique idea targeting the outdoorsy market allowing them to take fitness tracking to the very next level.

With Go Trail we enabled users to hike, bike or climb to their own preference and earn points or gifts on the way. Not just that, each of the gift needs to be collected with the revolutionary Augmented Reality technology. Track to your desired destination, scan your gift, receive points and hike as you may like.


Functionalities and Features

Wide Range Of Spectacular Features

Go Trail is not your ordinary fitness tracking application, it’s so much more. The application is home to a spectacular set of features which enables it to stand out against several different competitors on both iOS and Android. Some notable functionalities and features of the app are as follows:

  • Create Groups to message and live track your friends
  • Replay historical events with the push of a button
  • Hike, trail or climb on your favorite routes and earn points along the way
  • Collect gifts by opening and pointing your camera at selected locations
  • Rank on the universal leaderboard as per the collected points
  • Easily Export and Import GPX files
  • Save custom routes along the way of any event

Wireframing and UI design

Attractive and Functional User Interface

Our UI/UX team worked hard to wireframe functionalities onto an interactive user interface to make sure the application is not only attractive but straightforward and easy to use.

Demo and Launch

Launching The Application

Go Trails is easily one of its own kind when it comes to recreational hiking and fitness tracking. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, the application is made for someone just like you. Easily compete and track with your friends and family.

Easily make your own milestones, hike or track on your favorite routes, share your favorite moments, and rack up some points to climb on the leaderboard. The application is a state of the art fitness tracking masterpiece. Want a peak? Feel free to have a look through the app demo.

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Who's My Mutter Mobile Application


Who's My Mutter is a spearding inovation in pet adoption day after with its unique funcationalities.The application comes with the state-of-art image recognition system

Research and Analysis

An Easier Solution to Find Your Pooch

Have you ever wanted to adopt an adorable little puppy yet never found the ideal breed? Of course, it happened. It’s very hard to find just the right puppy for your humble abode solely because of a huge number of puppies and numerous shelters currently in the city. This is where Who’s My Mutta plays its part and helps you find the right dog for you in just a few taps.

Who’s My Mutta is an app that’s one of its kind using image recognition as its USP and connects with all of the shelters in your neighborhood or city. The app is a better way to promote pet adoption with ease for both pet adoption centers or animal shelters and the adopter i.e. the user.


Functionalities and Features

Simple Yet Powerful List of Functionalities

Who’s My Mutta might seem like a simple application at first, but it’s features make it a class apart from any other image recognition apps available out there. The list of features for Who’s My Mutta include:

  • Search any type of dog simply by entering a picture
  • User will have the ability to either shoot a picture or upload it from the photo gallery
  • Upon searching the user will achieve the list of shelters as per the breed
  • Shelters have the ability to upload pictures and information of dogs
  • Shelters can stay on top of the search results by paying a specific fee

Wireframing and UI design

Beautiful UI with Gorgeously Crafted Functionalities

Our UI/UX team made sure that the UI of the application is absolutely beautiful so that not only does the user enjoy using the application.

Demo and Launch

Launching The Application

Who’s My Mutta in itself is a unique application that sets the bar in the market of pet adoption. It is quite easy for you to find an ad online but its hard to find exactly the ideal pet that you’re looking for. Who’s My Mutta allows you to strategically find the right animal from the closest animal shelter with just a few taps of buttons.

In addition, the animal shelter can advertise their puppies at the very top of the searches with the payment of a small fee. All in all, the application is the perfect pet adoption system that you were waiting for.

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Smart Serve Mobile Application


Smart Serve is an all new revolutionary resturant management app that allows it's customer to dine in without any hassle.

Research and Analysis

A Smarter Way To Dine In

Have you ever waited endlessly for your order to reach your table? Have you ever failed to find a table at the restaurant? And have you ever had awkward interactions with the waiter? Well, if the answer to all of these questions is Yes, then Smart Serve is the perfect app for you.

Smart Serve provides the customers with a smarter way to dine-in. Reserve your favorite table, check out the menu to the restaurant, pre-order your favorite cuisines without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The application is a smart restaurant management system serving the customer, the chef and even the waiter.


Functionalities and Features

An Enormous List Of Smart Features

Smart Serve is one of a kind with its unique features incomparable to any app that currently exists in the market. It is a complete restaurant management solution to enable lesser restaurant interaction. The features include:

  • Reserve your table easily for your favorite restaurants
  • Pre-order your favorite food from the comfort of your home
  • Additional smartwatch and iPad/Tablet app keeps the chef and waiter coordinated
  • Ability to scan QR codes placed on each table to determine table number
  • Browse your favorite restaurants nearby or by name
  • Additional ability to get your favorite food home delivered
  • User has the ability to pay via card, cash or cash on delivery

Wireframing and UI design

Gorgeous and Minimal User Interface

The UI/UX team at CMOLDS working on Smart Serve made sure that the overall interface of the application is absolutely minimal enabling yet easy to browse for the customer.

Demo and Launch

Launching The Application

Smart Serve is without a doubt your one partner in fine dining that assists not only the customer dining in but additionally the registered restaurant as well. Say goodbye to late orders or failure to book tables when an extremely intellectual tech business driven tech based solution like Smart Serve is keeping the ties connected between you and the registered restaurant.

At the moment, Smart Serve stands tall as the only one of its kind when comparing it with restaurant management systems. Serving 5-star functionalities, exceptional order and reservation management solutions and multiple payment methods, Smart Serve is what you need for a delicious night out.

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