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You’ve Never Heard of These 10 Mobile Game App Ideas For 2023

Mobile Game App Development Company


Troy Hulbert


June 16, 2023


Mobile Game App Development

Remember playing Tetris as a kid? Or perhaps you played the iconic Snake Game or Pacman. As technology grew and evolved, so did mobile games. We shifted from simpler games to more complex ones like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. The emergence of leading-edge technologies, like AR, VR, IoT, NFT and Blockchain, are paving way for unique and never seen game ideas. This is providing experts with unlimited opportunities to boost user engagement by creating mobile game apps that attract people from all over the world.

Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone. This usage has significantly increased in the past couple of decades, in turn also increases the number of people who play video games on their phones. Where in 2021 the global market growth of mobile phone games was USD 1, 18,190 million, it is expected to reach USD 2, 73,950 million in 2028, according to Globe Newswire. This means that mobile games are perhaps the most profitable domain for entrepreneurs as well as developers.  Even though the competition is tough, there is a lot to explore. Entrepreneurs are leveraging cloud gaming, cross-platform compatibility, high-resolution graphics, offline modes, integration with motion sensors and much more to design the most engaging games.

This post will talk about the 10 most unique mobile game ideas that will help assist a professional mobile app development company. Read on to find out more.

Mobile Game App Development Company

What Are The 10 Unique Mobile Game Ideas for 2023?

Story Games

These are role-playing games, targeted to people who like to get involved in the game and prefer a more interactive experience. You will basically have to create a story, different characters and situations. Players then have to choose a character at the beginning and as the story moves they will be provided with different choice actions in different situations. How the characters develop depends on the choices they make in these situations.

This game brings a lot of choices to the table for the players. They can not only choose the characters but also the storyline, the current situation and what their character will do in that situation. In simple words, the players’ choices dictate the fate of their characters.

The most popular genres in story games are the adventure, mystery, love, interior décor, crime etc. So, if you plan on designing a story game, make sure you make the situations interesting and engaging.

AR And VR Games

Remember the uproar Pokémon Go made? We all know why Pokémon Go became such a huge success because it was something unique and fresh. The use of AR and VR has successfully penetrated most apps including mobile games. Where AR (augmented reality) enhances real-life objects and experiences, VR (virtual reality) is slightly different as it allows users to experience a completely artificial environment and the situation in real-time.

Using AR and VR can help you create the most engaging games, for instance, you can design Zombie themed games, teleporting games, jungle-themed games, war-themed games and much more. However, when using AR and VR, an app development company needs to make sure that the graphics are top-notch.

Sports Games

Sports games are widely popular amongst gamers but what makes a sports game unique amongst the many others is its smooth user interface and high-end user experience. Take for instance cricket. If you plan on creating a fantasy cricket game, you need to make sure that it has all the elements of real-life cricket. Every detail matters, including toss, pitch, weather conditions and team score. Allow your player to choose from real-life crickets. Make sure the graphics look real so that players can have an immersive experience.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain is redefining the game industry. Blockchain not only enables greater communication between players and developers but also provides a completely new experience for them. It has enabled the possibility of rare digital collectibles that can actually be sold for real money. Players can now control and make money from in-game assets easily. If you are planning to design a blockchain game, you can take inspiration from Axie Infinity, God Unchained and Decentraland.

Mental Health Games

If you are looking to develop something completely out of the box, then mental health game will help you achieve that. These gaming apps allow users to feel calm and manage any underlying anxiety and stress. They make treatment more fun and interactive and are actually necessary in today’s chaotic world. You can explore meditation games, breathing games, ASMR games etc.

Hyper Casual Games

Not every game has to be complex to be fun and profitable. Hypercasual games are a great example of this. These games are lightweight, download easily and allow players to visit often due to their short sessions and fun mechanics, e.g. simple obstacle games or building blocks. All you need to make sure of is a smooth, minimal and aesthetic user interface.

Action Games

Action games challenge your hand-eye coordination as well as your reaction time. The key to an engaging action game is undoubtedly its visually appealing characters, backdrops, sound effects and the opportunity to earn rewards like gold coins or new equipment. When designing such a game, take inspiration from fantasy stories, legends and make sure your characters are iconic.

Educational Games

Educational games are a popular niche because they allow children to learn in a fun and interactive way.  Before designing such an app, a game app development company needs to first understand its target audience, which is mainly young children so that they can design a user interface accordingly. These can include counting games, alphabet games, puzzle games, quiz games etc.

Investment Games

If someone is looking to get into complex trading and portfolio management later on in life, these games simplify the process for them so that they can invest in real-life assets, stocks, crypto and even property in the future. To put it simply, investment games teach beginners basic to advanced trading practices. When creating such a gaming app, look into crypto, real estate and stock exchange as these are the most popular investment areas.

Strategic Games

Strategic games challenge players’ decision-making skills and allow them to use these skills in real life. These are different from puzzle games are they include tactical as well as logistical challenges. The more challenges you include in the game, the more interesting it will be. For instance, games like Northgard let players control a clan of Vikings fighting for control of a mysterious continent. The players get to build base, strategize combat, balance the economy and fight all in one single game.


There you have it; a list of ten never heard of mobile game ideas for 2023. Mobile games hold a major market share of the development sector, which makes them a great way to earn profit. Choosing the right game idea is crucial, so before you do that make sure you study your market thoroughly.

Unsure about your next step? It’s time to hire a professional application development company and turn your game idea into reality.

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