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Complete Guide For Startups To Social Media App Development

Social Media App Development


Troy Hulbert


July 25, 2023


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We live in a digital world where it is hard to find someone who is not on social media. Today, as technology grows, social media is not only influencing our personal lives but also our businesses, exponentially. Each social media platform has a unique set of advanced features that attract different audiences. While initially social media apps were specifically designed to connect with people from all around the world, today they are used for all other purposes, for instance, online classes, skill learning, business meetings, shopping, marketing, advertising etc. This means that if you own a startup and want to become a part of the increasingly growing market, then the guaranteed way to do this is through social media.

In fact, mobile usage is drastically increasing as compared to web app usage. According to Statista, 4.89 billion people are using social media accounts in 2023. It is a 6.5% increase from 2022 and this number is projected to increase to 6 billion by 2027. Seeing the success of social media apps, you too might be intrigued to develop one for your startup. If you are planning to do so, but are not sure how to get started, we have got you covered.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the complete guideline to social media app development so that you get familiarized with everything you need to know about the process. So, let’s get right into it.

Guide to Social Media App Development

Conduct thorough Market Research

Before you dive into the process of mobile app development, you first need to conduct thorough market research. You must know the audience who will be using the app you’re creating. This is the ultimate secret to a successful app. If you understand the problems of your target audience, you will be able to create a valuable product that solves these problems. The key is to analyze your target audience and be assured that they need the app you’re creating. Once you’re well aware of the people you are targeting, you can create something unique, instead of following generic patterns.

Identify the Category of Your App

Once you understand your audience, you will be able to identify the type of app you need for your startup. There are different categories of social media apps and each one of them is suited for a different market and the competition that lies ahead of you. Here are a few popular categories:

  • Social Networking Apps: These apps allow users to connect with others online. Popular examples include Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc.
  • Photosharing Apps: Although these apps are mainly designed for users to share photos and videos, you can design them to do so much more. For instance, Instagram is a Photsharing app that helps users connect with each other, bookmark, edit and capture interesting pictures with filters.
  • Discussion Forums: These apps are specially designed for users who love to participate in discussions and debates, online. They can create their profiles and hold discussions, ask questions and follow like-minded people.

Design a Wireframe

After designing the kind of app you are going to develop, it is time to design an architectural blueprint or a wireframe. A wireframe helps you design a clear picture of the app; what it will look like as well as its functionality. It will give you a clear picture of different screens, the elements on them and how a user will interact with them

Must-Have Features

The features of a social media app are what truly make it effective. The more features you integrate into your app, the more unique your app would be. Here are some simple sets of features that are mandatory to add to any social media app according to most app development services:

User Interface/UX Design

The design of your social media app is perhaps a demanding feature and should be unique. However, at the same time, your UI should also be easy to use and interactive so that users do not have a hard time navigating their way around. The key is to select a user interface that your target audience enjoys and for that, you need a thorough knowledge of the people you are targeting.

Profile Authorization

Social media apps let users register and log in by letting them create their own profiles. You can do this by linking up their email, another social media account or mobile number. Users can then log in their information, profile pictures, age, gender, location etc. and make it as personalized as they like.


Feed is the place where users share photos, videos, audio and any other information. Users will also be able to see posts of other people based on their interests on their feeds. So, when you develop an app, make sure the feed is capable of sharing the current updates of the users, easily.

Search Bar

The search bar will allow people to search for other users, brands or influencers that are also part of the platform. They should be able to look for them using labels, user names, locations and even hashtags.


Making connections is a key part of most social media apps. These can be in the form of content they post, groups they become part of, events, recommendations or through search. Connections are primarily dependent on the users themselves; they can join groups that target their hobbies or send invites for an event.

Media Sharing

This feature lets users share the content they have created with others on the social media app. This media can be in different forms, for instance, pictures, videos, GIFs, audio and so on. Ensure that this process is simple so that users have fun sharing content.

Ensure App Security

The security of your user’s data should be your top priority. The best app development company recommends developers discuss security-related concerns and then make relevant plans to encounter them. Every user that visits your app should feel safe while sharing their personal information and media, so you need to make sure that you follow certain security protocols during the app development process.

Market Your App Before Its Launch

You should start promoting your app before it hits the market. First of all, choose a date when you will launch the app and then prepare a timeline of events following that date. You should develop both pre and post-launch marketing strategies. These strategies should be engaging and successfully create hype about your app.


Today, the success of any business is heavily dependent on social media. As a start-up business owner, you need to make sure that you integrate all the latest trends that help your business grow, including social media app development. A successful social media app has the power to take your business to the next level. Use this blog to help you guide through social media app development or you can also take help from professional app development services. So, get started today and enjoy the benefits.

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