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The Manifest Declares CMOLDS as The Most-Reviewed App Developers in Dubai

Top App Development Companies in Dubai

We are thrilled to announce that The Manifest has recognized CMOLDS as the most-reviewed app developers in Dubai for its high client satisfaction and retention rates, robust app development services across UAE and commitment to developing innovative tech-led solutions for B2C founders and B2B brands. 

Hady Shaikh, the Senior President Business Unit and Strategy at CMOLDS UAE acknowledged this recognition by adding, “…this is indeed an achievement, and a reflection of the trust and vision our clients bring to the table. While mostly founders, early-stage startups and solopreneurs, our clients come to us with bold and innovative app ideas, and it is our privilege to transform those ideas into successful solutions – profitable and monetization-ready. Our relationships with our clients go beyond money and budgets. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure each project meets the technical requirements and exceeds the functional expectations. We share this honor with our clients and our dedicated team members, whose hard work and commitment make such accomplishments possible.”

About The Manifest 

The Manifest is a reputable business listing platform that helps companies find service providers in various locations and industries. The platform has third-party verified agencies, mostly B2B service providers and works like a marketplace for organizations looking for authentic company rankings, client reviews, and detailed insights so they can make informed decisions while choosing the right partners for their internal and client-side needs. Building onto the genuineness of the platform and its competitive reputation amongst other B2B rating platforms like Clutch and Sortlist, we endorse that this is a significant recognition to be the most reviewed app developer in Dubai.

How CMOLDS Made Its Way as The Most-Reviewed App Developer in Dubai

Our journey to becoming the most-reviewed app developers in Dubai started with our forward-thinking approach that we apply to our services and to our clients’ product development strategies. 

Two of our quick achievements of 2023-2024:

  1. Our client Kitchenara received $380,000 in the first round of funding – deployment and launch.
  2. Our client FoodSnapp got nominated for Great British Entrepreneur Awards (GBEA). 

Here’s how we build client relationships: 

  1. While we do prioritize realizing their visions into high-performing app products, we equally focus on the agile process, and this translates into positive client experiences. 
  2. While we do collaborate amongst teams, we equally value open communication with our clients, share project updates and give them access to custom dashboards for 1:1 support. 
  3. While we do deliver customized app solutions with Go-To-Market strategies, we also balance clients’ resources – finances, monetization and market entry budgets.  
  4. While we do help our clients successfully launch on leading app marketplaces, we provide regular post-launch maintenance and build relationships with our clients. 
  5. While we do work in milestones, we provide multiple hiring arrangements in which our clients can choose to outsource app development projects to our in-house teams, then project manage virtually. We also work on staff augmentation and subscription models with development KPIs distributed in weekly, monthly and quarterly sprints.

What’s in The Pipeline? 

While bagging these awards from similar B2B authentic ratings companies, we are doing some real great work in our middle eastern headquarters located in Dubai. 

  1. We are transforming the business presence of more than 5 Emirati brands while helping them penetrate the global markets.
  2. We are working on AI-based styling software with major use cases in the fashion industry with B2B stakeholders. 
  3. We are currently developing 4 software products in-house for enterprise-grade corporations. 
  4. We are building a unique cloud kitchen platform with integrations of TikTok-style video content, AI-based recommendation engine with rewards for users, influencers and B2B partners.  

Impressed by our work? Check our case studies, core offerings as a leading app development company in uae and read the cost of app development in Dubai


While eyeing major performance awards on these platforms, building amazing mobile and software products, we are actively participating in the Middle Eastern business ecosystem and utilizing tech-led strategic processes to make a difference. If you too want to partner with a strategic app development company with a track record of market-ready applications, share your idea with us and we’ll take it from there!


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