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CMOLDS is the 2nd Best Tech Provider in the UAE

Best web development and mobile app development company in Dubai

We are thrilled to announce that CMOLDS UAE has achieved another award for its robust digital product development, client-centric services and commitment to excellence in the growing technology sector. Globally popular for its independent B2B review procedures, Sortlist has officially declared CMOLDS the 2nd Best Provider in the UAE.

Here’s what Hady Shaikh, Senior President of the Business Unit and Strategy has to say about our victory:

“We started with one goal: to enable local and international businesses to overcome the challenges of tomorrow – with sustainable code and scalable products. We are helping B2C and B2B businesses navigate the fastest-growing technology ecosystem of the Middle East.

We have crafted a comprehensive roadmap to achieving this goal; it comprises world-class talent, exceptional customer service, secure coding practices, and battle-tested technology stacks.  

This prestigious recognition is the result of our client’s vision to solve business problems and our developers’ unwavering commitment to creating groundbreaking digital products.

Congratulations to all our clients, partners, employees and stakeholders affiliated with CMOLDS UAE. Here’s to many more!”

Best mobile app development company in Dubai

About Sortlist

Sortlist is one of the most popular B2B review platforms with over 300,000 service providers listed for more than 200 service categories. The platform has a viewership of more than 100,000 businesses – and this number places Sortlist in an authoritative position in the B2B industry, and poses a strong responsibility for honest and verified recommendations on the platform.

How CMOLDS Made Its Way as One of the Top Providers in the UAE

According to Sortlist Awards 2023, this year, our clients appreciated CMOLDS’ customer-centric development support, technical expertise and professionalism in project management and delivery.

Here is how we positioned ourselves for this tech stardom in the super competitive Middle Eastern market as a forward-thinking mobile app development company in Dubai:

We assign dedicated project managers to each mobile app and digital product we create. With weekly and monthly sprints, our clients also get access to dashboards where they can view project updates and progress.

Secondly, we follow secure coding practices and use only best-in-business technology stacks. Our apps are battle-tested so there are little to zero fixes required, approvals are quick and launches happen 100% on time!

We provide plenty of hiring arrangements to our clients. They can choose to outsource their software and app development projects to our in-house teams, then project manage virtually.

We also let our clients hire our in-house teams on subscription models, with development KPIs distributed in monthly sprints.

We also function as an IT staff augmentation agency in Dubai and provide on-demand teams to businesses that want to boost their in-house teams and scale development delivery. We have a network of developers from diverse technical and cultural backgrounds. Clients hand-pick for stacks, programming languages, testing experiences and project management skills.

What’s in The Pipeline

For 2024 awards, we are eyeing the number 1 position – not just on Sortlist but on all platforms where we have a verified presence, including Clutch, GoodFirms and DesignRush.

Currently, we are working:

  • With providers in production-sensitive and service-centric sectors including healthcare, real estate, oil and gas, staffing and recruitment, travel and logistics and fintech.
  • For 6 B2B organizations – on their enterprise mobile applications,
  • Designing and developing the e-commerce journey for 2 brands that chose to go mobile this year,
  • Transforming 4 Emirati brands’ digital presence to increase online leads by 4X,

And still counting…

In addition to contributing to product development, we are actively becoming part of the Middle Eastern technology revolution that’s shaping the business infrastructure of the region for 2030.

Do you want to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the region?

CMOLDS UAE can help!

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