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CMOLDS App Project ‘FoodSnapp’ Got Nominated for Grammy’s GBEA

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We are more than thrilled to announce that our esteemed client, Amber Summerfield’s masterpiece app, FoodSnapp got nominated for Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023. 

FoodSnapp is a food review community  and in the words of our esteemed client, Amber Summerfield, is the Instagram for food. Users can share food pictures, rate their favorite restaurants, create visual food blogs and connect with other food enthusiasts around them. 

How does FoodSnapp work?

Born from a shared vision between UK-based entrepreneur Amber Summerfield and our dedicated team of app developers, FoodSnapp bridges the gap between social media and food discovery.

Best Food App

Users engage in a vibrant ecosystem – the app interface and share delectable visuals, offer insightful reviews, and connect with fellow enthusiasts around a common passion – FOOD! 

Through its intuitive interface and unique features, FoodSnapp fosters collaboration and enriches the food experience for both, the consumers and restaurateurs.

FoodSnapp’s App Development Journey with CMOLDS

From the ideation stage, we assigned a dedicated project manager for FoodSnapp and created a team that would execute the development process. The team comprised the technical lead, backend and frontend developers, UI/UX designer, testing professional and project manager. 

  • Discovery 

It all started when Amber first attended the discovery call and discussed this epic idea of a platform that talks ‘food’. She was deeply inspired by the profile aesthetics of Instagram and the visual appeal of Pinterest – and envisioned to come up with a platform that has the strongest capacities of both of these platforms – but all dedicated for food enthusiasts. 

We proceeded with the ideation, performed market research, decided user flow and most importantly – the technology stack and list of app features. 

  • Design

The UI/UX design team took the business plan a step forward with wireframes of the user flow. Then working alongside the creative department, the designers built the visually-functional, high-fidelity prototype, this one containing screens for each feature, navigational point and microinteraction.  

  • Development

 The development department started with frontend development, using client-side technology stack to shape the side of the app that interacts directly with the users. The team moved forward with backend development and API integration. In a span of 4 months, the sprint was forwarded to the quality assurance department.  

  • Test and QA

The quality assurance department performed five different rounds of tests, starting with performance testing, then following with functional tests, unit tests, device tests and data security assessments. After battle-testing the app and fixing areas that needed improvement, we pushed the build to Amber Summerfield. Upon her approval, we forwarded it for publishing on the leading mobile app marketplaces. 

  • Launch

Amber, being a marketing enthusiast herself, performed App Store Optimization best practices to increase its visibility on the Google Play and App Store. After store approvals in less than 15 working days, the app was up and running. 

  • Marketing 

To further create brand awareness, we developed a strategic marketing roadmap for FoodSnapp – with KPIs including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Community Engagement and Online Reputation Management. 

While we were working on FoodSnapp’s post launch maintenance, we also developed a website with strong Conversion rate Optimization best practices to improve app’s global reach.  

Amber has always been a wonderful client.  From ideation to development execution and brand awareness, she professionally handled any changes recommended during the development process, was always available for team meetings and progress discussions and shared her feedback in time. We are currently working on her app’s strategic marketing roadmap and want to see many more successes similar to this nomination in the GBEA Awards 2023.  

The Journey To GBEA Nomination

For Amber Summerfield the mobile app development company in Dubai called CMOLDS, this nomination is a pivotal moment. It fuels our commitment to expanding the platform’s reach and driving innovation in the food-tech industry.  

Here are top 5 reasons FoodSnapp deserved a nomination at a platform like Grammy’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards:

  • Interface – FoodSnapp’s mobile app, as well as the admin portal and website are highly user-centric! 
  • Experience – Inside the FoodSnapp’s app is a completely different experience. Cuisines of diverse locations – and three steps to appreciating the best things in life – just eat, snap and review. 
  • Inclusivity – the platform connects food lovers around the globe to share diverse food experiences. 
  • Authenticity – we want to make FoodSnapp the number 1 source of REAL information for all-things-food.
  • Community – the idea behind FoodSnapp goes beyond social interaction – we are working on a lot of exciting stuff around discounts and vouchers, affiliate partnerships and loyalty programs.

What’s in the pipeline?

We envision FoodSnapp as an authoritative platform for honest food business reviews. Most importantly, we are eyeing the crown, and intend to work tirelessly to receive the award next year!

To materialize this vision, here are the steps we are working on: 

  • Strategically promoting FoodSnapp to increase its viewership to millions across the globe 
  • Building cross-cultural connections across the globe to increase its reach three-fold by December 2024. 
  • Forming brand alliances and affiliate partnerships to penetrate the B2B market
  • Connecting with influencers to accelerate our marketing targets 
  • Showing the world how a platform like FoodSnapp is shaping the world of food – one snap at a time!

Do you also have an epic app idea like FoodSnapp?

Why sit on it? Share it with CMOLDS app development team today and kickoff your next revenue engine!

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